Thanks for ur Help! Re: I Need Help About Apache SOAP - JAX-RPC

From: Jeeva S <vavjeeva_at_LYCOS.CO.UK>
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 10:16:02 +0530

Hi Jay Chen,
   Thanks for ur help. let me try to do this and inform u.. i been going thrugh AXIS site. i got some info..
Anyway, once again i appreciate ur help

Jeeva S
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  From: Jay Chen
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  Hi, Jeeva,

      The idea of your currently running program is great. In my personal opinion, I think it is quite possible to implement it..

  About WSDL file, I suggest that you could check the apache's AXIS project in where you would be able to transfer WSDL to Java object and vice-versa.

  Just like Marshall and un-Marshall. It provides a very convenient tool...

  For client side, it could be implemented by utilizing JSP or Servlet technology. in web base or even non-web base.

  For server side, it would be easily to be built by setting up a web server (i.e. tomcat web server, in where you could incorporate the Axis).

  And now your client (web base) could communication with you by sending the soap message via a web browser. In the middleware, you could create a front control (a servlet) to dispatch these coming messages to different soap message handlers or provider extra jobs by utilizing the axis's handlers or chain handlers.. . for a stand along client side, they also could send soap message to the server. and just need to specify the DNS: like. Http://<yourservername>:<port#>/axis/services/ChatService something like that..

  Good Luck. and wish you all the best.......





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  Subject: I Need Help About Apache SOAP - JAX-RPC


  Hello Guys,

     I have already posted about my chat application. So, i need to create a Chat Server as a web service , so, the client chat applet will communicate through SOAP.


  So, last one ween i been concentarting on JAX-RPC. butm it was very tough to create a Service in JAX and create WSDL file.. and evrything.


  Thatsy, now i have chosen Apache SOAP package, So, i need a complete difference between JAX-RPC and apache soap.


  what are the adv between these two..


  Does it possible to implement CHAT SERVER as a Web Service.


  Help Me Guys

  Jeeva S