RE: "datetime" Calendar/Date [IMPORTANT UPDATE] was --> Re: param eter names in generated WSDL can be renamed? --> AXIS?

From: Pedro Salazar <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 01:14:28 +0000


at your request, in attach goes the listed files:
- jaxrpc-ri-before.xml
- jaxrpc-ri-runtime.xml
- ngincare.war (source war passed to deploy)

Pedro Salazar

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From: Doug Kohlert
To: Pedro Salazar
Sent: 14-01-2003 22:56
Subject: Re: "datetime" Calendar/Date [IMPORTANT UPDATE] was --> Re:
parameter names in generated WSDL can be renamed? --> AXIS?

Pedro, can you send me your jaxrpc-ri-before.xml and
Also send me the war file that you are passing to wsdeploy.


Pedro Salazar wrote:
> Doug,
> about consulting the WSDL file (or model) on the service endpoint with
> ?WSDL query parameter (or ?model ), I was examining the jaxrpc sources
> on the package com.sun.xml.rpc.server.http (JAXRPCServletDelegate, ..)
> and I find out that the generated jaxrpc-ri-runtime.xml by wsdeploy,
> misses the "wsdl" attribute in the <endpoint> element! The parser
> JAXRPCRuntimeInfoParser is looking for it!
> Is the wsdeploy wrong or did I miss something?
> BTW, I also try to configure the status service in web.xml, using the
> init parameters com.sun.xml.rpc.server.http.publishWSDL or
> com.sun.xml.rpc.server.http.publishModel to "false", but it appears to
> have no effect!! Do you confirm this?
> Well, later I will try regenerate the client stubs, but the
> "stub._setProperty(Stub.ENDPOINT_ADDRESS_PROPERTY,endpoint);" line is
> necessary if I deploy the war file in another server to configure the
> client, right?
> thanks,
> Pedro Salazar.
> On Tue, 2003-01-14 at 17:25, Doug Kohlert wrote:
>>Pedro, if you modify your config.xml file and import the WSDL directly
>>from the running endpoint you won't need to do the following line of
>>as the endpoint will already be set.
>>The WSDL file should be in the root of the WEB_INF directory in your

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