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From: Pedro Salazar <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 21:53:17 +0000


about consulting the WSDL file (or model) on the service endpoint with
?WSDL query parameter (or ?model ), I was examining the jaxrpc sources
on the package com.sun.xml.rpc.server.http (JAXRPCServletDelegate, ..)
and I find out that the generated jaxrpc-ri-runtime.xml by wsdeploy,
misses the "wsdl" attribute in the <endpoint> element! The parser
JAXRPCRuntimeInfoParser is looking for it!

Is the wsdeploy wrong or did I miss something?

BTW, I also try to configure the status service in web.xml, using the
init parameters com.sun.xml.rpc.server.http.publishWSDL or
com.sun.xml.rpc.server.http.publishModel to "false", but it appears to
have no effect!! Do you confirm this?

Well, later I will try regenerate the client stubs, but the
"stub._setProperty(Stub.ENDPOINT_ADDRESS_PROPERTY,endpoint);" line is
necessary if I deploy the war file in another server to configure the
client, right?

Pedro Salazar.

On Tue, 2003-01-14 at 17:25, Doug Kohlert wrote:
> Pedro, if you modify your config.xml file and import the WSDL directly
> from the running endpoint you won't need to do the following line of
> code:
> stub._setProperty(Stub.ENDPOINT_ADDRESS_PROPERTY,endpoint);
> as the endpoint will already be set.
> The WSDL file should be in the root of the WEB_INF directory in your war
> file.