Re: parameter names in generated WSDL can be renamed? --> AXIS?

From: Matthew Laurenson <matthewl_at_NARO.AFFRC.GO.JP>
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2003 16:24:08 +0900

> Matthew,
> I didn't understand what do you mean and in what context you have
> referred when you write the sentence above. Could you explain it with
> more detail?


First - my apologies if I misrepresented what you were asking for. I
believed that your original request was seeking more representative
parameter names in the WSDL generated by JAX-RPC from Java. JAX-RPC
currently uses a "String_1, String_2" kind of system.

I was referring to a statement I read in the Axis User's Guide at this link:
Specifically, under the heading "Building WSDL from Java" there is this
"Note: If you compile your class with debug information, Java2WSDL will use
the debug information to obtain the method parameter names. "

I don't believe that the JAX-RPC Reference Implementation has this
capability, but I would be happy it if it did.

I hope that is clear.