Re: parameter names in generated WSDL can be renamed? --> AXIS?

From: Matthew Laurenson <matthewl_at_NARO.AFFRC.GO.JP>
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 16:42:34 +0900

> Actually, I'm considering to try the AXIS (apache) to
> workaround this problem, what do you think about using it? It
> has the tools to generate stubs and skeletons from a WSDL!
> Remember, I want to retain the original names of my web
> service implementation interface for avoiding the confusion
> of the replaced names (e.g. name1, name2, ... -> String_1,
> String2, ...).

I'd just like to support Pedro and other's requests for JAX-RPC to do a
better job of creating .wsdl parameter names. I believe that the defense
in the past has been that standard .class files don't contain the
parameter names and because the .wsdl is generated from the .class it
isn't possible. However if one compiles one's classes with the debug
option then the names are included and Axis will use them. That seems
pretty reasonable to me. It seems to be that .wsdl is quickly moving to
centre stage in the SOAP world - which is to be expected because the
interface is usually more important than the implementation. JAX-RPC RI
seems to suffer from Sun being late to the wsdl party (witness the
significant change in the role of wsdl in the build process between
JWSDP1.0 and 1.0_01. I've found myself apologising when I give other
developers the .wsdl produced by JAX-RPC. What is one of the first rules
we try to teach new programmers? - meaningful variable names. I know
that the Reference Implementation has other roles than being
"beautiful", and it is incredible and free, but simply matching Axis'
behaviour in this regard would seem a small step and one for which I
would be very grateful.

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