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Thank you for your quick answers. They are most helpful. I'll be working on
implementing the session code just shortly.

On why I want to use the model file and need access to the Java classes,
the scenario is as follows:

I am prototyping the ability for our database (ASE) to call a web method by
a select on a table. To provide this functionality, I wish to require that
the end user only
have a WSDL file and the ability to program SQL. Therefore, I must take the
WSDL file,
dynamically generate the stubs and dynamically build a table in the
database that maps
a select statement into a web method call.

The main reason I need access to the Java classname that represents each
is so that I can properly map the select statement that is being performed
against the
table into a web method call.

Essentially, the advantage to the customer is that using the existing tools
for relational
databases the customer can now take advantage of services and data exposed
as web

There are a number of items that I have glossed over in this description,
but I hope it does
help explain the reason I wish to make use of the model file generated by
xrpcc. If it is not
clear, please call me at (303) 413 4229 and I would like to try to explain
it better.

FYI, through our EBD division, Sybase is a J2EE licensee and we are going
our Sun rep to extend the source code license for JAX-RPC to ASE and
perhaps to
other products as well.


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Rajesh, please see my comments below.

Rajesh Chawla wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I am trying to use the JAX-RPC software in scenarios as a server
> as well as a client and I ran into a few questions:
> On the server side:
> 1. How can I specify the binding of a service to be document/literal
> instead of rpc/encoding? Any examples?
In the current release of the JWSDP this is not possible. Around April
next year an new early access version of the JWSDP that will support this.

> 2. I want to support the concept of sessions using cookies. Can I do
> this using the JAXRPCServlet or do I need to write my own
> servlet?
JAXRPC already has this support, check out this

> Question on the client side:
> 1. I am parsing the model file generated by xrpcc to find the Java class
> name that represents each parameter for a web method. I am also
> using the model file to find the services and ports specified in the
> file. Is this a reasonable approach? If not, are there other tools
> the distribution that I could use?
I don't understand why you want/need to do this, what are you trying to

> 2. How can I send a cookie in the Post message to maintain session
> information
> on the server?
On your JAXRPC stub, set the SESSION_MAINTAIN_PROPERTY property to "true".

> Regards,
> Rajesh

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