Re: wsdeploy and "-classpath" option

From: Harvinder Singh <harvinder_at_SEECONSULTING.COM>
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 15:32:04 +0530

Set the classpath through environment variable..

After deploying the service..put the additional jar file in contect-path\web-inf\lib

or copy the jar file in common\lib if this jar file is being used by other services also..

I am using ECS library distributed by Jakarata project and it is working both the above mentioned way..


Ted o Donovan wrote:

> We have modified the hello example to include a class that is not in the default directory/package but is in a seperate jarfile.
> On running, the wsdeploy complains that it cannot find the class in the jar file. So to remedy this we added the "-classpath" option above, but this caused an error:
> process-war:
> [echo] Running wsdeploy....
> [exec] info: created temporary directory: C:\jwsdp-1_0_01\docs\tutorial\exa
> mples\jaxrpc\hello\build\wsdeploy-generated\jaxrpc-deploy-af2f55
> [exec] info: processing endpoint: MyHello
> [exec] error: generator error: generator error: can't create directory: C:\
> jwsdp-1_0_01\docs\tutorial\examples\jaxrpc\hello\build\wsdeploy-generated\jaxrpc
> -deploy-af2f55\WEB-INF\classes;c:\dev\common\lib\util\ecetutil.jar\hello
> [exec] info: created output war file: C:\jwsdp-1_0_01\docs\tutorial\example
> s\jaxrpc\hello\dist\hello-jaxrpc.war
> [exec] info: removed temporary directory: C:\jwsdp-1_0_01\docs\tutorial\exa
> mples\jaxrpc\hello\build\wsdeploy-generated\jaxrpc-deploy-af2f55
> Not quite sure what it is trying to do here, but to me this "-classpath" option does not seem to work.
> One workaround is to copy the jar into the common\lib directory in the web services pack, but this is fairly extreme! We do not want to have to deploy everything before we build, or do we?
> Surely there is a more practical solution?
> T.

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