Wsdeploy , wscompile generated files

From: vibhor sharma <vibhor.sharma_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 18:10:18 +0530

    The tools that have been provided by WSDP to create the web services
like wsdeploy,wscompile are standard tools or they just support the web
services pack. The reason i ask this is that if we create some skeletons
using the wsdeploy tool and deploy the service and then later use some
other tool to create the stubs(not using wscompile) would it work?

b) If i have a vector and in the vector i would like to add user defined
datatypes then would there be any issues related to
serialization/deserialization? If i create a serializer for this user
defined type and register it with the type mapping registry would this
scenario work?? In this case i'm using a datatype which follows a bean

c)I have observed that if i use user defined type which does not confirm
to the bean pattern i get an error when i try to dispatch the request.
Is it always mandatory to have a bean pattern for the user defined

with best regards