Re: JAX interop

From: Arun Gupta <>
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 12:56:13 -0700

Hi Devender,

Please see inline responses.

Devendra Inamdar wrote:

> Hi
> I have developed web services in Microsoft.NET
> I want to use those from java client because I want to make my app
> platform
> independent using java.
> I have all wsdl files for the .NET web services .
> Is it possible for me to access my .NET web services from java using
> JAX-RPC. ? Shall I really proceed in this direction.?
The only thing you require to access a web service is a WSDL-based
service description. You can feed the WSDL to the xrpcc/wscompile that
comes bundled with JWSDP and generate the relevant client-side
artifacts. These client-side artifacts are then used to access the web
service endpoint. Refer to JAX-RPC tutorial at for
further details.

It does not matter whether the service is hosted on a .NET platform or
any other platform.

> I tried some sample java app which was using .NET web service wsdl but it
> was not working. But that app was able to access java web services.
Can you explain what exactly was your problem ? Were you able to import
the WSDL using wscompile ?

> Is it possible for JAX-RPC to just know the wsdl URL and nothing else like
> interface and implementation because there is no interface and
> implementation in ASP.NET web services.
Sure. As mentioned earlier, you only need to know the location of the
WSDLs and then the tools provided with JWSDP generates the relevant
client-side artifacts to enable to you to access the web service.

> I am sorry to bother you but this is very important for my
> project. Will
> this direction cause some incompatibility in the future and affect the
> project or does it make sense for java client and java web services?
This is a topic in itself but in short if the implementations you are
using are referring to same versions of specifications (WSDL and SOAP),
you should not be noticing incompatibilities during your development and
in the future.

Thanks for your interest in JAX-RPC.


> Thanks,
> Devendra

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