Re: How can I rename namespace from 'env' to 'SOAP-ENV'

From: Schie, Sjaak van <sjaak_van_schie_at_NL.COMPUWARE.COM>
Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2002 10:16:40 +0200

Hi Edwin,

I guess your customer can better change his program (X).
This because it's not compliant to the SOAP 1.1 spec.

SOAP uses XML namespaces. The prefix itself is not relevant, only the
namespace name associated to it.
For SOAP 1.1 this must be set to ""

Different programs uses different prefixes:
* SOAP 1.1 spec uses SOAP-ENV,
* AXIS <> uses soapenv.

Sjaak van Schie

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> From: Edwin van Gruijthuijsen
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> Sent: 01 August, 2002 23:37
> Subject: How can I rename namespace from 'env' to 'SOAP-ENV'
> Hi,
> I have written a soap server (using jwsdp ea2) whose soap
> responses are parsed by an application of one of our
> customers. That parsing program (let's call it X) was
> originally targeted for another soap server, which used the
> namespace SOAP-ENV for
>, i.e.:
> [other]
> xmlns:SOAP-ENV=""
> jwsdp ea2 names that namespace 'env', i.e.:
> [jwsdp ea2] xmlns:env=""
> Our customers program (X) looks for SOAP-ENV but cannot find it.
> How can I tell jwsdp to use SOAP-ENV instead of env for
> Thanks in advance,
> Edwin van Gruijthuijsen

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