Handler on clientside

From: Mischa <yawningrascal_at_HOTMAIL.COM>
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 02:58:55 -0600


I got a Handler named VerifyHandler on clientside. How can I put this
handler into the HanlerChain for my service port? (I don't want to use

I already tried this:

Service_Impl service = new Service_Impl();
HandlerRegistry reg = service.getHandlerRegistry();
QName port = new QName("ServiceIfcPort");
// next line doesn't work
// at compile time i am getting the message: incompatible types
// return type of getHandlerChain() is java.util.List and HandlerChain is a
// subclass of java.util.List - so what's wrong?
HandlerChain chain = handlerRegistry.getHandlerChain(port);
// now I want to put my VerifyHandler into the chain...does anybody know how that works?