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Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 18:37:39 -0400

I'm using the JAX-RPC that came with Web Services Developer Pack, EA2
Release, and am attempting to get some sort of session ID (or, even
better, a session object) from a method that implements a service. I'm
assuming the comment below applies to this release.

How does the JAX-RPC runtime system "manage session on behalf of the
service endpoints?" Does this mean that a method that implements a
service can get a session ID? How is this done?

If there is no way to get access to any session info, when will this be
possible (i.e. when is another release going to come out which supports

Is it possible to access the IP of the caller?

Also, I noticed the version of Tomcat that is part of the release is not a
production release. Will JAX-RPC run on a production release of Tomcat?

Thanks a lot,

Rahul Sharma wrote:

> HTTPSession is not directly visible to the service endpoint.
> This is more for the JAX-RPC runtime system to manage session
> on behalf (and not visible in the service endpoint model) of
> the service endpoints.