Re: WSDL2RMI ??? same error here too!!!

From: Dilip Easwaran <dilip_at_IIITB.AC.IN>
Date: Tue, 02 Apr 2002 03:59:53 -0700


i am getting the same error as well
i recently downloaded the EA2.I have uninstalled EA1.I remember when i was working with EA1,when tomcat was started,i used to get these messages in the console:

Starting service Internal Services
Java Web Services Developer Pack/1.0-ea1
Starting service Web Services Pack
Java Web Services Developer Pack/1.0-ea1
INFO - Init
INFO - Init
1773 [HostConfig[jwsdp-services]] INFO Provider.SOAPServlet - Init
INFO - Init
2324 [HostConfig[jwsdp-services]] INFO Provider.AdminServlet - Init

also when i started tomcat for the first time in EA1 ,it gave messages relating to some directories it created.

i dont get these messages (starting from INFO) when i start tomcat using EA2.

i installed EA1 again and started works fine.

what should i do to get my tomcat working in EA2

pl help