seperate server and client code

From: Isabelle Gheysens <i.gheysens_at_ENERGYICT.COM>
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 09:48:58 +0100


I'm new to jaxrpc.
I managed to write a client that makes jaxrpc calls to a server.
Client and server code are all together now...
I have one client class: LogonDialog
I have following server classes: LogonIF, LogonImpl

Also a lot of classes have been generated: Login_RequestStruct.class,
Login_RequestStruct_SOAPSerializer.class, Login_ResponseStruct.class,
Login_ResponseStruct_SOAPSerializer.class, LoginIF_Stub.class,
LoginIF_Tie.class, LoginService.class, LoginService.class and

I want to seperate client and server code in seperate packages so that each
only contains those files really needed,
I suppose the stubs belong to the client code and the ties belong to the
server code... but what about the other generated classes...?
How can I automate this that class files are put automatically in the right
place so that it's easy to deploy my client code to all the clients?