Extracting data from WSDL to use in DII call

From: Holly Schinsky <hschinsky_at_QLINKTECH.COM>
Date: Tue, 05 Mar 2002 06:33:56 -0700


Can someone tell me how to extract the information needed to call a service thru DII by only having the WSDL document from a service? My app queries a UDDI repository based on some user entered criteria, then when I find that service (thru JAXR), I get the WSDL document and want to be able to call the service thru DII based on information drawn from the WSDL doc.

For instance, if I have the following WSDL that I received from an inquiry, what do I use to set the Call parameters to (port or service QName for instance) in my code?

<definitions name='' targetNamespace='' xmlns:tns=''
xmlns:soap='' xmlns:xsd='' xmlns:soapenc=''
xmlns:wsdl='' xmlns=''>
<message name='getQuoteResponse1'>
<part name='Result' type='xsd:float'/>
<message name='getQuoteRequest1'>
<part name='symbol'type='xsd:string'/>
<portType name=''>
<operation name='getQuote' parameterOrder='symbol'>
<input message='tns:getQuoteRequest1'/>
<output message='tns:getQuoteResponse1'/>
<binding name='' type=''>
<soap:binding style='rpc' transport=''/>
<operation name='getQuote'><soap:operation soapAction='urn:xmethods-delayed-quotes#getQuote'/>
<input><soap:body use='encoded' namespace='urn:xmethods-delayed-quotes' encodingStyle=''/>
<output><soap:body use='encoded' namespace='urn:xmethods-delayed-quotes' encodingStyle=''/>
<service name=''>
<documentation> web service
<port name='' binding=''>
<soap:address location=''/>

Are there any code examples that anyone knows of that do this? The only example I have seen is the very simple Hello example in the tutorial. Any help is appreciated...