Re: The client handler strips the SOAP-headers (WS Sec. Signature) off

From: Marcus Heinonen <>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 06:15:03 +0200

Bobby Bissett - Javasoft wrote:

> Marcus Heinonen wrote:
>> I'm using WS Security signature to the the JAX-RPC call. But I would
>> like to change some things in the SOAP-message using a handler on the
>> client side. But the handler strips off all SOAP-headers when processing
>> the request from the client. Can I keep these headers in some way?
> Using the xws-security handler, there is no way currently to change
> that, though there may be in a future release. If you want to change
> the message in some way (for instance, the request before it leaves
> the client), you can add your own handler to the client that extends
> javax.xml.rpc.handler.GenericHandler and implement the handleRequest()
> so that it makes your changes and leaves as much or as little of the
> message intact as you'd like.
> Cheers,
> Bobby Bissett
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When I add a handler (extending GenericHandler) and add it to the
handler chain on the client side I can't see (inside the handler code)
the tags which WS security signing should have created. And the
signature element (wsse:Security) aren't added after the handler
processed the request because they doesn't show up on the server side
either. So using a handler together with the WS Signature helper doesn't
work. Is it really possibly to use WS Security Signature handler
together with a custom handler written by oneself.

I'm adding these two lines for signing the JAX-RPC call

        // Create a CertificateClientHelper for a client-side stub/proxy
        CertificateClientHelper cch =

        // Sign the request and then dump the message for debugging

Inside the handler in method handleRequest I just dump the SOAP message

        // Write entire soap message to System.out
        OutputStream objOutputStream = System.out;


Marcus Heinonen

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