Imported select JSF 1.x code lines to git

From: Edward Burns <>
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2016 15:00:36 -0800

Hello Folks,

I have imported the following JSF 1.x code lines to our git repo, from


Before committing, I verified I was able to build all of these save
JSF_1_1_ROLLING. It had some build dependencies on Tomcat 5.5, so I
didn't bother.

I did not preserve the history. If we need to do history
investigations, the CVS repository for JSF 1.2 is still available at


and Manfred has also saved it aside as a tarball.


P.S. I realize the irony here. At the Orlando JUG meeting last week I
promised I would clean up our branch story, and now I am making it
worse. Fact is, I need to enable collaboration on the JSF 1.2 code and
that means git.

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