Re: Still closed Re: Please hold external commits to master until at least Thursday

From: Edward Burns <>
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2015 23:09:44 -0800

>>>>> On Wed, 14 Oct 2015 14:32:35 -0700, Edward Burns <> said:
EB> So, my original request for help in paring down the 261 commits to
EB> something more manageable still stands. Anyone?

EB> I've made a wiki page in the hopes of getting some help.


EB> Let's see what the results show for 04444992.

Sadly, not good, but my colleague Zhijun has been working with the ADF
team to account for the volatility in test runs even though the Mojarra
commit being used for the tests has not changed from run to run.

I am inclined to reopen the tree, but since Zhijun is working this
issue, I will defer to him.

Thanks for your patience.

>>>>> On Wed, 18 Nov 2015 09:23:26 -0500, Vernon Singleton <> said:

VS> Is this still an issue?

Yes, sadly.

VS> Is there anyway I can help?

Can you look up a commit midway between ee9ac42 and 04444992 and we can
try that.

VS> What are the prospects for turning commits to master back on?

The prospects are good, we are working on it, but I am not convinced
that a regression has not been introduced by the ground breaking CDI
work that Arjan has been doing.

Zhijun, I will send you a mail on the internal thread about this.


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