Re: Code Review Request: (JAVASERVERFACES-3593) Navigation from method-call-node to method-call-node does not work

From: Edward Burns <>
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2015 21:41:17 -0800

RZ> Please help to review the following changes(changebundle attached),
RZ> once you approved I will do delivery to make the Hudson build clean:

RZ> 1. Putting back your additional changes in NavigationHandlerImpl but
RZ> with a little change of me, because
RZ> com.sun.faces.test.javaee6web.flowinxmlandjava.Spec730IT failed at a
RZ> StackOverFlowExcetion, the little change is in method
RZ> findSwitchMatch() as following:

RZ> /*boolean matched=false;*
RZ> for (SwitchCase cur : cases) {
RZ> if (cur.getCondition(context)) {
RZ> outcome = cur.getFromOutcome();
RZ> *matched=true;*
RZ> break;
RZ> }
RZ> }
RZ> // 2. the default outcome
RZ> if (*!matched || *outcome == null) {
RZ> outcome = switchNode.getDefaultOutcome(context);
RZ> }/

That looks ok.

RZ> 2. My another change is in
RZ> test/javaee6web/flowSwitchCall/src/main/java/com/sun/faces/test/javaee6web/flowswitchcall/
RZ> because of the typos of the original test author.

Yes, this indeed looks like the right change.

RZ> 3. My third change is that the following 2 test cases(of that 25
RZ> navigation cases) are commented out because of the failure, I will
RZ> uncomment them once the issue are fixed.

RZ> com.sun.faces.test.javaee6web.flowtraversalcombinations.ReturnNaviToOtherNodesIT#testReturnNaviToFlowCallNode
RZ> and
RZ> com.sun.faces.test.javaee6web.flowtraversalcombinations.SwitchNaviToOtherNodesIT#testSwitchNaviToReturn

RZ> There will be no failed tests related to my change after above
RZ> change committed cause 2 failed tests are removed.

Ok, please don't forget to uncomment them. Personally I'd rather you
mark them as @Ignore, but our policy is to only use that only to unblock
the build while a change is worked on immediately.


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