Please welcome Derek Berube to the Dev list.

From: Edward Burns <>
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2014 10:21:50 -0700

Hello Mojarra Devs,

I just received word that Derek Berube's Oracle Contributor Agreement
has been approved, meaning that we could possibly have a new committer
for Mojarra.

Derek, you've obviously already read "How can I contribute?" [1].
Because your OCA is already in order, you can start submitting patches
right away. You've probably also read "How do I become a committer?"
[2]. Just in case you haven't it makes sense for me to state it here:

FAQ> How can I contribute? and start contributing enough
FAQ> [#HowToBundle][solid patches]] that get accepted into the codebase
FAQ> so that we can get a feel for the quality of your
FAQ> code. Contributors who give frequent and valuable contributions
FAQ> will be nominated for "developer" role if they desire. We would
FAQ> appreciate if commiters could abide by the code review and test
FAQ> driven development process we use.

Basically, our rules are the same as for any open source project. Build
trust and you can get commit access.

Please let us know what you plan to do now that your OCA has been


Ed Burns

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