Re: Seeking Review: JAVASERVERFACES-3404-fileUpload

From: Leonardo Uribe <>
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2014 15:03:21 -0500


This looks related to the 2.2 spec. It doesn't look good to call
setTransient(true) over a component in a renderer, unless the component is
created programmatically by the renderer itself (which is valid). I
remember some issues with h:inputFile on MyFaces 2.2.x, because the "value"
has transient behavior (file is only valid in the request that upload it),
but that doesn't mean the component has "transient" behavior.



2014-09-15 11:30 GMT-05:00 manfred riem <>:

> Hi there,
> As an HTML input control is not supposed to be saving state between
> request the JSF component backing this behavior should not either. That's
> the reason why the setTransient(true) call is in there.
> So the setTransient(true) needs to stay.
> Manfred
> On 9/15/14, 11:14 AM, Edward Burns wrote:
>> Hello Team,
>> multiple file uploads.
>> SECTION: Modified Files
>> ----------------------------
>> M jsf-ri/src/main/java/com/sun/faces/renderkit/html_basic/
>> - In decode() remove the component.setTransient(true). I'm not sure why
>> this was in there in the first place, but it's been there since the
>> initial revision of the file. I re-ran all the automated tests and
>> they all passed, however, the file upload tests are, in fact, not
>> running due to some difficulties with HtmlUnit that we are counting on
>> Manfred fixing.
>> I executed this test manually and found that it worked.
>> M test/web-profile/renderKit/basic/src/test/java/com/sun/
>> faces/test/webprofile/renderKit/basic/
>> A test/web-profile/renderKit/basic/src/main/webapp/
>> uploadMultipleTimes.xhtml
>> - Manual test only. Note that the other methods in this file need to
>> have @Test.