Need Help !

From: Vinodh R <>
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2011 17:29:35 +0530


Developing our application thru' JSF 2.0. All the beans are in session scope
since we have CURD operations with datatable.

Issue we facing is :

Scenario :
When a page(country.xhtml) is loaded with the values populated in the
datatable, now user editing the record, particular row is now in editable
Suddenly user moves to some other page(state.xhtml) by clicking one of the
dropdown menu in header. Doing some opertion in the current
Again he is navigating to previous page(country.xhtml). Here the edited
datatable is as it is,because its in session, but it should be, it should be
normal datatable.

Can you please give some idea to overcome this.

Vinodh Ramamoorthy*