ANNOUNCE: Daniel Hinojosa talks about Pitfalls and Testing with JBoss Seam

From: Kito Mann <>
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2010 18:05:03 -0600


In this podcast, JSFCentral editor-in-chief Kito D. Mann talks with Daniel
Hinojosa about testing JBoss Seam applications from the bottom up, and Seam
pitfalls. This interview was recorded in September of 2008 at the JSF
Summit, formerly called JSFOne, in Vienna, Virginia. Here is an excerpt:

Kito: Okay. So I imagine there are probably at least two different
approaches to using Seam-gen. One would be where you use Seam-gen once,
create the scaffolding for the application, and then work normally off the
top of it. Another option would be to use Seam-gen, then make some changes,
regenerate, make some changes, regenerate, etc. Have you tried both methods

Daniel: I have tried both and I ended up just – because it provides three
basic folders for you: model, action, and test -- and I just use my id to
create the classes out of there. Seam-gen offers your “create entity,”
“create action,” and different kinds of things very much like Rails or
Grails has. I have used those at first but then I ended up creating a new
class, because from there I kind of know what I want. You can take different
approaches with that. The value of that whole Seam-gen, I think, is in that
whole build XML file.

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