[Mojarra trunk] Flash and invoke application phase

From: Martin Kočí <>
Date: Tue, 07 Apr 2009 14:44:35 +0200


I'm trying Flash scope for passing objects to the next faces view, but
there is a curious problem:

-- Java docs say that new flash map is started in render response phase
and propagated over next lifecycle without render response;
implmentation has that behaviour

-- but in code is a comment:

        If we're ***invoke-application*** or render-response phase...,
        // or this is an initial request (not a postback),
        // or this is the get from the redirect after post...
        if (currentPhase == PhaseId.RENDER_RESPONSE ||
            (!context.isPostback()) ||
            this.isRedirect()) {
            // make operations go to the next request Map.
            result = getNextRequestMap(context);

but in if() is no check for application phase.

Which case is the right one? I think many users will put objects into
flash in invoke aplication phase - so flash should start in invoke