[mojarra trunk] no visit for UIColumn(s) in UIData.visitTree(VisitContext, VisitCallback) ?

From: Martin Kočí <>
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 21:42:17 +0100


I'm trying latest mojarra from SVN, but there there is a state saving
issue with UIColumn (state is not saved). I think the problem in
UIData.visitTree, because visit does not process direct children of
UIData - UIColumns:

if ((result == VisitResult.ACCEPT) && doVisitChildren(context)) {

                // First visit facets
                if (visitFacets(context, callback))
                    return true;
                // Next column facets
                if (visitColumnFacets(context, callback))
                    return true;

                // And finally, visit rows
                if (visitRows(context, callback))
                    return true;

Only UIData facets, UIColumns facets and rows are visited.

After changing method visitColumnFacets to visitColumnAndColumnFacets
(and it's implementation) it is working. Is it desired behaviour or a