Re: Introducing Jim Driscoll

From: Jim Driscoll <Jim.Driscoll_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2008 09:36:33 -0700

Jesse Alexander (KSFH 323) wrote:
> Hi Him
> Congratulation to your "promotion". It takes "guts" to do something like
> that.
> In my career (>20 years) in IT, I've seen 3 guys doing that (including
> you).

Thanks! No regrets, nor will there be any, coding is just too fun, and
I've missed it terribly. Now I just have to get all the way back up to
"competent" in the next month or two. It's actually not as uncommon at
Sun as other places, so I've got a few other examples to go on.

> - Annotation based validation
> In the annotation based "intelligent" component area I have a few more
> ideas, which might make sense to be discussed...

Ryan had suggested that to me, and Kito just brought it up to the EG:
both suggested that it should be based on JSR 303, which seems like a
the way to do it in a standard. Unfortunately, it's only at Early Draft
Review stage, I'll have to find out when it's due out in final form
(they're a bit behind their stated schedule - doing specs for new things
is a brutal process).

My experience so far in writing a reusable validator certainly leads me
to believe we could make that process easier, though most of the
overhead is for the "reusable" part, not the validator part - the
validator itself is already pretty simple.

I'd be loathe to start something that *wasn't* based on 303, only to
have it replaced later once 303 is done, so I guess I should find out
when 303 is going to go live, and we can fit it in to the schedule...

> Are you also on the ##jsf channel?

Not as often as I should, but yes.