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From: Jesse Alexander (KSFH 323) <"Jesse>
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 10:07:40 +0200

Hi Him

Congratulation to your "promotion". It takes "guts" to do something like
In my career (>20 years) in IT, I've seen 3 guys doing that (including

Looking for stuff that itches?

- offering a read-only JMX-Bean that expose some Mojarra internals
  - configuration
    With all the automatic config going on and the trend to assemble
    big applications from independent artifacts, it would be nice to
    fire up the production-ready application and then analyze the
  - some runtime/performance related info
    Don't know if it already is collected, but in case...

  - at some later time it might be usefull to be able to play around
with some
    tuning parameters as well...
    - number of views to be cached

- Annotation based validation
  - on the MyFaces dev list talk is going on about a annotation based
    - analyze and make sure it works with Mojarra too
  - How about extending it to annotation based
    - validation
    - conversion
    - "strong typed" input fields
      the input field could configure itself (length, max-length,
converter, ...)
      from the annotations
  This would be a cool feature for RapidDevelopment, because one yould
just make up a
  managed bean and JSF could then reduce the tag-configuration...

In the annotation based "intelligent" component area I have a few more
ideas, which might make sense to be discussed...

Are you also on the ##jsf channel?


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> Hi all -
> My apologies for not introducing myself earlier... My name is Jim
> Driscoll, and I'm a newish JSF developer, working with Ryan, Ed and
> Roger at Sun.
> Some of you will probably recognize the name, as I'm also the former
> manager of the Java Web Tier. After about 9 years as a manager, I've
> finally gotten my wish of the last 2 or 3 years, and been
> promoted back
> to engineering :-)
> I'm new to JSF, though as a manager, I've certainly been aware of the
> developments going on in the spec since it's inception. I'm
> not exactly
> a novice programmer, since I've been coding since the Reagan
> administration, though my last programming gigs were developing the
> servlet API, the Java Web Server, and the first version of J2EE.
> I've been asked by my boss to work on a couple of things: try to
> identify areas that would make JSF easier to use (over and above what
> the EG is already examining), and adding features to the Mojarra
> implementation that would make it more attractive to use.
> I've been using a couple of things that I saw Mojarra was
> missing as an
> excuse to get my feet wet - writing a couple validators and a custom
> component so far. I'd love suggestions on things that you
> think could
> be added as well.
> Jim
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