Re: [REVIEW] Minor cleanup of ConfigureListener

From: Ed Burns <Ed.Burns_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 12:37:33 -0700

>>>>> On Mon, 26 Jul 2004 15:13:00 -0400, Ryan Lubke <Ryan.Lubke_at_Sun.COM> said:

RL> While thinking about the JAXB transition I performed some minor cleanup work
RL> on ConfigureListener.

RL> SECTION: Modified Files
RL> --------------------------------
RL> M src/com/sun/faces/
RL> - Moved constants from RIConstants to ConfigureListener as
RL> these were only used by ConfigureListener
RL> - Removed static methods for setting configuration of
RL> HTML TLV (the methods seemed to go against what
RL> RIConstants was all about). Variable is now public member.

RL> M src/com/sun/faces/config/
RL> - added generic method 'isFeatureEnabled' for
RL> handling of true/false type of context init param
RL> configuration - removed old related methods.
RL> - changed relevant single byte Strings to char
RL> - Moved the repetitious exception processing logic
RL> from contextInitialized method into the parse() method.
RL> - Use Util.loadClass() to load classes

RL> M src/com/sun/faces/taglib/html_basic/
RL> - Changes based on modifications in

RL> M src/com/sun/faces/util/
RL> - Added new messages based on changes in ConfigureListener

RL> M src/javax/faces/
RL> M src/javax/faces/
RL> M src/javax/faces/
RL> M src/javax/faces/
RL> - Clarified the existing message regarding invalid context parameter
RL> values.
RL> Since this was only used in the true/false config options, state the
RL> value received, the option name, and the valid values.

RL> M test/com/sun/faces/config/
RL> - Updated based on changes above.

RL> M test/com/sun/faces/util/
RL> - Added new message to test list

this looks great. r=edburns

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