[javaee-spec users] Re: [jpa-spec users] [jsr338-experts] JPA 2.2 with Java EE8 Public Draft #2 Review

From: Linda DeMichiel <>
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2017 13:50:02 -0700

We are still planning a JPA MR -- at a minimum to include
repeating annotations.

Given the resource and timing constraints our team is working
under, we are still in the process of evaluating what other
features will be able to be achieved in the MR.

Will keep you posted.


On 4/21/17, 1:25 PM, reza_rahman wrote:
> Linda,
> I am bringing this question into the Java EE 8 alias in part due to
> frustration. While talking to the community about Java EE 8, the
> question that comes up consistently is JPA. Specifically most people are
> looking for repeatable annotation support and Date/Time API support. I
> keep telling people there is an MR in the works to do this based on
> dated and partial information.
> Is that still true? If it is true, when can we expect to see this work
> happen? What can we do to demonstrate the importance of this work to the
> right people at Oracle?
> Thanks,
> Reza
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> From: Jody A Grassel <>
> Date: 4/21/17 4:09 PM (GMT-05:00)
> To:
> Subject: [jpa-spec users] [jsr338-experts] JPA 2.2 with Java EE8 Public
> Draft #2 Review
> Good afternoon. I looked at the Draft #2 for the Java EE 8 spec, and saw
> that it still looks like there is plans for a JPA 2.2 (EE.6.30 Java
> Persistence API 2.2 Requirements). Back in late February it was
> mentioned about a possible Maintenance Release, but since then things
> have been very quiet among the JPA expert group. July is almost upon us,
> so I'm bringing this discussion topic back up again if there's going to
> be any public discourse over the updates (presumably to support
> capabilities added in Java 8) before we run out of time.
> Best regards,
> Jody Grassel
> WebSphere JPA Development, Support, and Testing