[javaee-spec users] One stop shop for all Java EE 8 related specs?

From: Abhishek Gupta <>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2014 00:31:47 +0530

Hi Everyone,

I headed to the JSR-366 page <> in
order to find some concrete information regarding the ongoing work with
regards to the Java EE 8 specifications. Was surprised to see lack of any
strong leads/direct links to its individual JSRs.
Assuming that JSR 366 is relatively new, I checked out the page for JSR-342
<> (Java EE 7). Well, it had direct
links for the *new *JSRs, but not the updated ones.

Although all the JSR information w.r.t Java EE 7 is available here
<>, but what
about a similar page for 'work-in-progress' items (like Java EE 8)?

There are few (unofficial yet great) pages dedicated to Java EE 8 as of
now. Ones that I am of aware of are:

Arun Gupta's blog <>
Arjan Tjims page on ZEEF <>
Markus Eisele's page on ZEEF <>

Sure, one can visit the individual JSR pages (JSON-B
<> , MVC
<> etc) for Java EE 8 but having an
official page (JSR 366 ?) serving direct *links *(instead of just listing
the names) to these individual specifications would be great for the
community at large

Please do let me know if such information is already present - hope I
haven't missed something obvious ;-)