[javaee-spec users] [jsr342-experts] Re: JSON Binding JSR

From: Werner Keil <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2014 20:26:46 +0200


As EG member of JSON-P and Spec Lead of JSR 363 which already uses a Form
of JSON-Binding contributed by Opower (hence WE would be keen to leverage
this New JSR when it's available;-) I am happy to support this New JSR.

Am 14.07.2014 19:31 schrieb "Linda DeMichiel" <>:

> The current draft of the new JSR for JSON-B 1.0 that Oracle plans to
> submit is attached.
> We would like to know if your company would like to be listed as a
> supporter of the JSR when we submit it to the JCP. For those of you
> who are individual members of this expert group, please let me know if
> you would like to be listed as an individual supporting the JSR.
> Our plan is to submit this JSR some time in August, so please send me
> your response before then.
> Please also feel free to send any suggestions you might have with
> regard to the content of the JSR to me or, better, to the spec lead.
> We may not be able to accommodate more than minor comments before
> submission of the JSR, but of course its final content will be
> discussed and decided by the normal Expert Group processes once the
> new group is underway.
> Again, regardless of whether or not you have comments, please let us
> know if you'd like to be listed as a supporter of this JSR.
> Thanks
> - Linda