[javaee-spec users] [jsr342-experts] Fwd: [Bug 4589] Wrong license header in all Spec (API) files and License.txt

From: Werner Keil <>
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2013 16:52:52 +0100

While I leave the question of using SE 6 or 7 as minimum version for JSRs
like Batch to the Spec Leads of both (arguments like the 2 interfaces in
question not even being part of the public API yet placed in a package
called "api" as opposed to others, are certainly worth exploring before it
goes Final[?]) please excuse me filing this other issue.

I may be among the few EC Members at least to ever fully dig into Source
Code repositories where they're available, and I was also among the few,
who helped CDI and JSR 330 (@Inject) once find the synergies they did in
the end.

Doing so, I ran the entire TCK against the RI and also analyzed the code.
And couldn't miss it being wrongly licensed, too:

All sources of the just half a dozen annotations that spec contains of are
licensed literally the same, check Google Code if you like[?] Apache 2
instead of the right Spec License saying either "Google" or "Crazy Bob"
(the transition was very fluid, so I don't know, if he was still there when
it went Final?) to be Spec Lead and licensor.

While in the EC we heard, IBM wasn't as actively involved in JSRs as it
used to be before the whole "Harmony" case, it should still have a Legal
Team at least the size of Oracle if not bigger to confirm and care about
License and IP just the way, Oracle does.

Out of the EDR stage Maven deployments already made, the "jbatch" parent
artifact incorrectly implies, Apache License covers all sub-modules.
At least
should have its own LICENSE.txt and license declared, which it doesn't.
All other parts, unless anything else is considered integral part of the
"Spec" seem fine with Apache 2.0.


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