[javaee-spec users] [jsr342-experts] Re: Logs. Should we finally do something ?

From: Werner Keil <>
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2012 12:33:35 +0200


After some discussions at JavaOne, most EC Members and a few Spec Leads I
spoke to seem either not interested or believe, SLF4J is the unspoken
standard already, so they don't really care about a new Logging JSR either.

Logging in and for the Cloud might be the only aspect interesting enough,
but I am afraid, you and maybe a few other people might be at least a
decade ahead in caring about those things (I was also pleasantly amused at
JavaOne Embedded to see a great Hype has become of stuff I did 10 years ago
like Mobile Web remote-controlling smart appliances and greenhouse control

JavaOne Embedded introduced little known upcoming JSRs, including the
Embedded counterpart to EE if you like:

Aiming to add features currently in SE/EE like java.util.logging, there
would be a chance to do something useful by adding a Logging abstraction
layer both for Embedded and upcoming EE releases (part of EE8 I assume, SE
may still wait till 9 introduces Modularity)

This recent DZone article probably highlights best, why "PaaS Logging"
(Remote or Distributed Logging, also and especially applicable to
Mobile/Embedded devices with no or very limited storage capacity of their
own[?]) could be one of the key aspects driving such an initiative after all.

I was involved in a project where we used NIO and SLF4J plus Log4J for
Distributed Logging to remote databases, and I was among the driving
architects there, so I know a bit about that.

While it probably should be done in a proper way, as a coincidence "Java
Thief" Google seem to be the only ones that seriously dealt with Remote
Logging using JUL so far:

I'm afraid, while that lawsuit is still going on as a Never-ending Story,
we are going to see little input and help by Google on that.

Not everybody seems to use SLF4J, e.g. JBoss Cloud Service OpenShift, just
as one example:

Another use case for Apache Commons Logging we saw during Mark Reinhold's
Jigsaw keynote (featuring *2 logging frameworks* on a Raspberry Pi) and
those who saw it, know, how well that one went...


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