[javaee-spec users] [jsr342-experts] Re: Java EE 7 first Early Draft candidate

From: Antonio Goncalves <>
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2012 09:16:08 +0100

Hi all,

Here are some comments after reading the document :

* *EE.5 Resources, Naming, and Injection*. The introduction of the chapter
talks about Resource, EJB, PersistenceUnit and PersistenceContext annotation
but nothing about @Inject (only later from EE.5.20 Bean Manager
References). Maybe we could also introduce @Inject (and point to the
CDI/JSR303 specs) no ? It seams funny to not talk about it in the
introduction of a chapter that mentions injection.

* *EE.5.2.5 Annotations and Injection*. "For all classes except application
client main classes, the fields or methods must not be static." I have
heard that CDI 1.1 was looking at injecting beans to statis fields. Am I
right ? If this is the case we could also mention it.

* In *EE.5.21 Support for Dependency Injection* it would be useful to have
a section listing all the objects that can be injected out of the box
(without any producer) by CDI : UserTransaction, Principal, Validator...

* *EE.5.17 Resource Definition and Configuration*. Here we talk about
DataSourceDefinition, JMSConnectionFactoryDefinition,
JMSDestinationDefinition, MailSessionDefinition, and
ConnectorResourceDefinition. We've already talked about it but it is still
unclear why we can't have CDI Alternatives with resource definition. Either
we explicitiely explain why we can't have it, or we try to make it work
(this would be a very interesting feature).

Another question about resource definition. In which packages are
and ConnectorResourceDefinition annotations ? Are they part of JavaMail and
JCA spec ? Have JavaMail and JCA been updated to add such annotations ?

* *EE.7 Interoperability*. We talk about several protocols. Does anybody
know if there was any progress made for WebSockets ? If progress has been
made should we mention it in this section ?

* *EE.9.5 Requirements for All Java EE Profiles*. It's written :

The following functionality is required to be supported in all Java EE
•JNDI “java:” naming context (see Section EE.5.2, “JNDI Naming Context”)
•Java Transaction API (JTA)

Do we really want JTA to be in all profiles ? What is the reason for that ?


On Sat, Feb 18, 2012 at 01:06, Linda DeMichiel

> I've uploaded a new specification draft to our project Documents
> area,**javaee-spec/downloads<>
> .
> This draft incorporates changes related to support for new resource
> definition metadata, tenant ids, and other aspects of cloud support
> in Java EE 7.
> The most significant of these changes are in chapters 2 (Platform Overview)
> and 5 (Resources, Naming, and Injection). There are also changes
> related to support for alternate deployment descriptors external to the
> application, as well as a number of clarifications.
> Please review these changes carefully and post your feedback.
> The changebars reflect changes since the Java EE 6 final draft.
> Changebars reflect all changes-- both editorial and substantive.
> Substantive changes and clarifications are summarized in Appendix B of
> the document.
> I will post an updated Web Profile document shortly.
> There are no changes to the Managed Beans specification document thus
> far.
> thanks,
> -Linda

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