About This Course


Welcome to this Advanced ADF, Part 2 eCourse module! It is one in a wider series of modules which address topics that are useful for the experienced ADF developer.

The Advanced ADF, Part 1 eCourse module is accessible here.

The course brings together a collection of video presentations where ADF experts take you through the concepts and processes needed for particular tasks. To enhance the learning experience, we have interspersed these presentations with additional content types, each accessible through the left-hand menu, and allowing you to check your knowledge as you progress through the topics:

  • Quizzes: allow you to check whether you've grasped certain points
  • Demos: another video presentation specifically taking you through the steps of a task
  • Hands-on Practices: documents giving instructions for you to try out certain tasks for yourself

Job Benefits

After completing the module, you should be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Use a bounded task flow as Region to display as a page or a page fragment, and know how to establish interaction between regions and parent views

  • Achieve communication between a region and a parent

  • Know which layout components to use for a better and optimized layout in your pages

  • Create a page template and declarative components and build new pages based on the template
  • Use the ADF Faces Skin editor to change the look and feel of your application

  • Change the rendering of your data in a more user friendly representation, using data visualization components

Learner Profile

The course assumes that you are an application developer with some practical experience in using Oracle JDeveloper and ADF to build web applications. If you have no prior experience with ADF, then the following instructor-led course (available through Oracle University) is a good starting point:

You can also take the ADF Collateral Video Tour and find all kind of useful information about Oracle ADF here.