Why Learn It? Glossary

ADF Overview            


This module provides a review of the key concepts that you need to understand about Oracle ADF and the Oracle Fusion Architecture before you begin to learn about advanced ADF topics. Specifically, this module provides a review of the following concepts:

  • The key benefits of using Oracle ADF
  • The Oracle Fusion Architecture and how Oracle ADF implements the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture
  • The general types of components that are available for building user interfaces and for building a data access layer for your application
  • The ADF Model and the level of abstraction that the data binding layer provides between your business services implementation and your user interface
  • Built-in data controls and the types of business services that they expose
  • The function of the ADF controller

After completing this lesson, you should be able to do the following:

  • Describe the Fusion architecture
  • Explain how ADF fits into the Fusion architecture
  • Describe the ADF technology stack (MVC)