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The Oracle Plug-ins for JDK Mission Control (a.k.a JMC) is a set of plug-ins for the Eclipse IDE designed to either extend JMC in various ways or assist in developing such extensions.

Note: If you are looking for the update site for the stand alone version, go to the rcp update site.

These plug-ins are supported by Oracle. Please let us know if you find them useful!

Key Features

  • Weblogic Server plug-ins for Flight Recorder.
  • Thread dump analyzer plug-in for the Management Console (Deprecated).
  • Coherence plug-in for the Management Console.


  • Requires JMC 9.0.0 (running in Eclipse).
  • Requires Eclipse 4.30 or later.
  • Requires Eclipse running on JDK 17 or above.


Download and Install
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These plug-ins are supported, so you can contact Oracle support, but you can also try asking your question in the forum.
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