JDK Mission Control for Eclipse

To fully take advantage of running JDK Mission Control in your Eclipse IDE, you need to run Eclipse on a JDK installation.
Attaching to locally running JVMs will only work if you're running with a JDK.

Follow the instructions below to run on a HotSpot JDK.

The easiest way to change the JVM on which to start Eclipse is by modifying the eclipse.ini file. You can also set the -vm on the command line used to start Eclipse. In windows you would typically do that in the shortcut you use to launch Eclipse. Here is an example ini file:


You can also configure JVM options by using -vmargs on commandline or eclipse.ini:

<JVM options on separate lines>

If you use JDK 9 (or later) to run Eclipse, the following JVM options are needed for JDK Mission Control to work properly:


If running on Windows, also add:


If running on Mac OS, also add:


If running on Linux, also add: