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The Experimental Plug-ins for Java Mission Control is a set of plugins that extend Java Mission Control in various ways.

These plug-ins are currently unsupported and are provided as is for evaluation purposes. If there is enough interest, these plug-ins may be included in the Java Mission Control offering in the future.

Some plug-ins have been moved to the Supported updatesite. Both supported and experimental plug-ins are installed the same way from the JMC application.

Key Features

  • Heap memory usage analysis plug-ins.
  • Flight Recorder plug-in for visualizing G1 garbage collections.


  • Requires Mission Control RCP Edition 6.0.0


Download and Install
This update site should be accessed from within the RCP application.

Bullet Download for Offline Installation
Bullet Instructions for Offline Installation
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Note that these plug-ins are Tech Previews and therefore unsupported. The best way to get help is to ask in the forums.