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Updates Between: 03-May-2004 to 02-Jun-2004
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  • Keyboard Shortcuts - Removed references to documenting mnemonics in Content Container Tips and Preferences information.
  • Content Containers in Page - Image changes only. Removed left hand margins in bulleted list within content container.
  • Browse Menu - Image changes only. Removed left hand margins in bulleted list within browse menus.
  • Browser and System Requirements - Update matrix table in guideline to the latest browser support list in UIX.
  • "Related" Links/Shortcuts - Updated guideline to remove left hand margin in bulleted related links lists.
  • Date Picker - Updated guideline with latest information and interaction based on UIX implementation.
    • Described 1-to-1 and 1-to-Many date picker layout options.
    • Date picker icon requirement for user choice of inline or secondary window picker.
    • Described date picker / multiple date field focus behavior.
    • Described reliance of inline date picker on PPR.
    • Described date picker / date field validation behavior.
    • Described keyboard traversal behavior.
  • HGrid (Hierarchy Grid or Tree Table) -
    • Added image of empty "(No results found)" HGrid.
    • Added reference to Personalization of Table and HGrid for Views with HGrid.
  • HGrid Flows - Added reference to Personalization of Table and HGrid for Views with HGrid.
  • Attachments Flow - Updated attachments flow image based on Attachments template enhancements.
  • Locator Element: Record and Page Navigation - Updated guideline to show that "Return to X" link can be dynamically generated and does not have to reflect the breadcrumb hierarchy. Miscellaneous other clarifying edits performed.

Guideline List

 Components  Templates  Flows
Type Guideline Name Description Last Updated
Overarching Art Direction Language  
Ancillary Graphic Style  
Ancillary Graphic Repository  
BLAF User Definitions: Professional vs. Self Service  
Browser and System Requirements  
Color Palette and Color Usage  
Help Methods  
HTML Frame Options  
Information About Abbreviations  
Information About Accessibility  
Keyboard Shortcuts  
Language in UI  
Language: Page Titles and Breadcrumbs  
Overview of Partial Page Rendering (PPR)  
Overview of Personalization and Setup  
Save Model  
Text and CSS Standards  
Component Advertising  
Buttons Action/Navigation)  
Browse Menu  
Calculator Component   not created yet
Calendar Views  
Color Picker  
Content Containers in Page  
Contextual Information  
Common Formats  
Date Picker  
Graphical Status Meter  
HGrid (Hierarchy Grid or Tree Table)  
BLAF Icon Repository  
Inline Messaging and Tips  
Instruction Text  
Key Notation  
Locator Element: Breadcrumbs  
Locator Element: Record Navigation and Page Navigation  
Locator Element: Train  
Message Box  
Page Contents Bottom Line (the Ski)  
Page Footer  
Page Stamps(i.e., Login/Time/Date/etc)  
Quick Links (formerly Anchors)  
"Related" Links/Shortcuts  
Separator Line  
Standard Web Widgets  
Switchers: Applications and Context  
Table Navigation/Action Methods  
Templates About Page Template  
Attachment Page Templates  
Batch Detail Mode and Batch Processing Templates  
Browse Page Templates  
Browser Incompatibility Template  
Checklist Templates  
Compare Objects Page Templates  
Component Order (Vertical Layout)  
Content Layout Templates  
Export/Import Templates  
Global Page Templates  
Home Page Template  
Long Page(Multiple Sections) Template  
LOV (List of Values) Template  
Master/Detail Templates  
Messaging Templates  
Notification Page Templates  
Object Templates  
Object List Templates  
Overview Page Template  
Introduction to BLAF Page Templates  
Personalization of Views (Tables and HGrids)  
Preview and Printable Page Templates  
Privacy Statement Page Templates  
Processing Templates  
Scheduling Templates  
Search and Query Templates  
1 Step Page Template (Transactional Page or Form)  
2 Step Process/2 Page Object Template  
Step by Step (3[+] Steps) Page Templates (Linear Process)  
Tree Page Templates   not created yet
Flow Attachments Flow  
Browse Page Flows  
Checklist Flows  
Compare Flows  
Export/Import Flows  
Global Flow: Contact Us  
Global Flow: Help System  
Global Flow: Login/Logout  
Global Flow: Preferences  
Global Flow: Return to Portal  
HGrid Flows  
Interapplication Navigation  
Intraapplication Navigation  
Master/Detail Flows  
Messaging Flows  
Page Flows (Introduction to BLAF Flows)  
Personalization of Tables (Display and Data) Flow  
Preview and Printable Page Flow  
Search and Query Flows  
Step by Step Page Flows  
Table Flows  
Tree Page Flows   not created yet

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