Oracle Browser Look and Feel (BLAF) Guidelines


What's New: Winter/Spring 2003-2004

This is the User Interface guidelines web site for BLAF (Browser Look and Feel) Applications.

Many updates have happened to individual guideline specifications; and with new requirements, additions and modifications are happening rapidly. See Guideline Specification section for current status and current guideline versions.

An online Video Course and a Getting Started document is available, to give information regarding how to use the guidelines. Check guidelines Education section for updates!

What are the BLAF Guidelines?

The BLAF Guidelines are a set of specifications regarding common UI components, templates, flows, and general heuristics. These specifications should be used to develop html-based Oracle products to provide a consistent user experience regarding look and feel of applications, flow of applications, layout of pages, and interaction of components. Using the guidelines to design your application will also ensure a consistent suite of applications and tight product intergration.

The specifications are arranged in levels or layers, the outer most layer being high level interaction model, to the inner most level of a specific component. There are also overarching principles that are present within all the guidelines.

See the Introduction to BLAF UI Guidelines to get familiar with the structure and levels of guidelines.