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Latest version of this security advisory is available from as Sun Alert 1021799.1.
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Article Type : Sun Alerts (SURE)
Last reviewed : 2010-05-21
Audience : PUBLIC
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This Alert Covers CVE-2010-0453 for the /dev/ucode Component of the Solaris and OpenSolaris Products.


Release Phase

Bug Id

Solaris 10 Operating System

Date of Resolved Release


1. Impact

This Alert covers CVE-2010-0453 for the /dev/ucode component of the Solaris and OpenSolaris products.

CVE-2010-0453 can be found at

Please see for more information about Critical Patch Updates and Security Alerts. This publication relates to the CPU for April 2010.

2. Contributing Factors

This issue can occur in the following releases:

x86 Platform
  • Solaris 10 with patch 127128-11 and without patch 143913-01
  • OpenSolaris based upon builds snv_69 through snv_133
Note: Solaris 8 and 9, and Solaris 10 on the SPARC platform are not impacted by this issue.

3. Symptoms

4. Workaround

5. Resolution

This issue is addressed in the following releases:

x86 Platform
  • Solaris 10 with patch 143913-01 or later
  • OpenSolaris based upon builds snv_134 or later



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