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Last reviewed : 2005-09-07
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Denial of Service Vunerabilities in Sun Java Web Proxy Server


Release Phase

Sun Java System Web Proxy Server 3.6

Bug Id
6264430, 6254143, 6291212

Date of Resolved Release


Three vulnerabilities may (separately) allow a remote unpriviledged user to cause various releases of the Sun Java Web Proxy Server to become unresponsive to requests, which is a Denial-of-Service (DoS) condition.

Contributing Factors

These issues can occur in the following releases on all platforms:

  • Sun Java System Web Proxy Server 3.6 Service Pack 7 and earlier

Note: For Service Pack 7 supported architectures and OS versions, please see


If any or all of the described issues occur, the proxy server will be unable to respond to requests, and may also be accompanied by high CPU usage.


There is no workaround. Please see the "Resolution" section below.


These issues are addressed in the following release:

  • Sun Java System Web Proxy Server 3.6 Service Pack 8 and later

which is available for download at

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