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Sun Linux Vulnerabilities in "unzip" and GNU "tar" Commands


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A local unprivileged user may be able to gain unauthorized root access and/or overwrite any file on the system if a privileged user extracts a tar or zip archive which contains a ".." (dot dot) in the filename.

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Contributing Factors

This issue can occur in the following releases:

Sun Linux

  • Sun Linux 5.0 with tar 1.13.19-6
  • Sun Linux 5.0 with unzip version 5.42 or earlier
  • Sun Linux 5.0 with GNU tar 1.13.19 or earlier

Note: Sun Linux 5.0 is currently shipped with the Sun LX50 Server.

Sun Cobalt

  • Qube 3
  • RaQ 3
  • RaQ 4
  • RaQ 550
  • RaQ XTR


There are no reliable symptoms that would show the described issue has been exploited to gain unauthorized root access to a system.


Verify zip or tar archives using the options as follows:

	tar -tvf <tarfile>.tar

Or for compressed files:

	tar -tvzf <tarfile>.tar.<gz|zip|Z|z>

Or for zip files:

	unzip -l <zipfile>.zip

If multiple "../" entries are not present, the archive is safe.


This issue is addressed in the following releases:

Sun Linux

  • Sun Linux 5.0 tar-1.13.25-4.7.1.i386.rpm
  • Sun Linux 5.0 unzip-5.50-2.i386.rpm
  • Sun Linux 5.0 tar-1.13.25-4.7.1.src.rpm
  • Sun Linux 5.0 unzip-5.50-2.src.rpm

The above patches are available at:

Sun Cobalt

  • Qube3-All-Security-4.0.1-16170.pkg
  • RaQ3-All-Security-5.0.1-16170.pkg
  • RaQ4-All-Security-2.0.2-16170.pkg
  • RaQ550-All-Security-0.0.1-16170.pkg
  • RaQXTR-All-Security-1.0.1-16170.pkg

The above patches are available at

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Sun Linux 5.0

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