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Sun Java System Web Server Denial-of-Service Vulnerability


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A vulnerability in certain releases of the Sun Java System Web Server ...

1. Impact

A vulnerability in certain releases of the Sun Java System Web Server (formerly Sun ONE Web Server and iPlanet Web Server) may allow a remote user to cause the web server to become unresponsive, causing a Denial-of-Service (DOS) condition.

2. Contributing Factors

This issue can occur in the following releases:

  • Sun Java System Web Server 6.0 Service Pack 7 and earlier (Windows platforms only)


  1. Sun Java System Web Server versions 6.1.x are not affected by this issue.
  2. This issue only affects Sun Java System Web Servers running on the Windows platform.

3. Symptoms

The server becomes unresponsive.

4. Workaround

To work around the described issue, sites may wish to temporarily disable Java for all Web Server instances (Java is enabled by default), by doing the following :

To start an Admin Server instance, open a Windows command prompt and use the command line to start or stop an Admin Server, as in the following example:

1) Change to the installation directory for the Web Server Admin Server. For example, using the default directory:

    % cd \Sun\Webserver\https-admserv

2) Start the Web Server Admin Server process:

    % startsvr.bat


1. Use the menu from the "Start" then "Programs" selections, or Double-click the "Start Web Server Administration Server" icon (if installed on the Desktop), then:

2. Log in to the admin tool by going to the http://<hostname>:<port>

3. Select the Admin Server instance and click the "Manage" button.

4. Click the "Java" tab and open the "Enable/Disable Servlet/JSP" link

5. Uncheck "Enable Java Globally"

6. Click "OK" and "Apply All Changes" then restart the instance

Note: If you disable Java in this fashion, you will no longer be able to run Java applications for that instance. It is recommended to upgrade to the latest service pack if the workaround is unsuitable for your environment. Please use the link below in "Resolution" for Service Pack download information.

5. Resolution

This issue is addressed in the following releases:

  • Sun Java System Web Server 6.0 Service Pack 8 and later

Sun Java System Web Server 6.0 Service Pack 8 is available for download at

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