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Sun Fire X2100 M2/X2200 M2 ELOM is Vulnerable to Unauthorized Use as a Proxy For Sending Unsolicited Bulk E-mail (Spam)


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Sun Fire X2100 M2 Server
Sun Fire X2200 M2 Server

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A security vulnerability in the X2100 and X2200 M2 Embedded Lights Out Manager (ELOM) software may allow remote unprivileged users the ability to initiate unauthorized network traffic from the embedded service processor (SP). This may allow the SP to be used as a proxy to send unsolicited bulk e-mail (spam).

Contributing Factors

This issue can occur on the following platforms:

  • Sun Fire X2100 M2 Server
  • Sun Fire X2200 M2 Server


  1. No other x64 systems are affected by this issue.
  2. The SPARC platform is not affected by this issue.
To determine the firmware version of the SP, the ipmitool(1M) utility can
be run as in the following example:
    $ ipmitool -H <hostname> -U <username> mc info
    Device ID                 : 5
    Device Revision           : 0
    Firmware Revision         : 3.09
    IPMI Version              : 2.0

or the following command can be used at the CLI (logged in to the SP):

    /SP -> show /SP/AgentInfo
        HWVersion = 0
        FWVersion = 3.09



There are no reliable symptoms that would indicate that this issue has been exploited.


To prevent this issue from occurring, administrators can restrict access to the SP by either connecting only via the serial port or else by connecting the Net Mgmt RJ-45 ethernet port to a private management network.

Additional information regarding management of the Sun Fire X2100/X2200 M2 Servers, ELOM, and ipmitool(1m) can be found in the "Embedded Lights Out Manager Administration Guide" at:


This issue is resolved in SP/BMC firmware version 3.09 from the 1.5 (for the X2100) and the 1.5a (for the X2200) Tools and Drivers CD ISO image available at:

Sun Fire X2100 M2 Server:

Sun Fire X2200 M2 Server:

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