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CVS Versions on all Sun Cobalt Legacy Products and Sun Linux 5.0.3 are Vulnerable to a "Double Free" Vulnerability


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Sun Cobalt Legacy products and Sun Linux 5.0.3 systems ...

1. Impact

A remote unprivileged user may be able execute arbitrary code on Sun Cobalt Legacy products and Sun Linux 5.0.3 systems acting as Concurrent Versions System (CVS) servers with the privileges of the CVS server process due to a "double-free" vulnerability in the CVS server. The CVS server process normally runs with root privileges.

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2. Contributing Factors

This issue can occur in the following releases:

Sun Cobalt

  • Sun Cobalt RaQ 2
  • Sun Cobalt RaQ 3
  • Sun Cobalt RaQ 4
  • Sun Cobalt RaQ 550
  • Sun Cobalt RaQ XTR
  • Sun Cobalt CacheRaQ 3
  • Sun Cobalt CacheRaQ 4
  • Sun Cobalt Qube 2
  • Sun Cobalt Qube 3

Sun Linux

  • Sun LX50 (Sun Linux 5.0.3)

3. Symptoms

There are no reliable symptoms that would show the described issue has been exploited.

4. Workaround

To work around the issue, disable the CVS server. Since Sun Cobalt products do not ship with CVS enabled and there is no standard startup script, the administrator of the host must determine where the CVS server is started and disable it.

5. Resolution

This issue is addressed in the following releases:

Sun Linux

Instructions for downloading the above packages can be found in in MyOracleSupport.


Sun Cobalt RaQ 4 Server

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