Enterprise 2.0 & User Interface

Hierarchical Workspaces
This short viewlet shows how to create a hierarchy of Collaborative Workspaces. It also describes scenarios in which users might build such decompositions. These can reflect organizational, functional, or project based hierarchies for example.
PeopleTools 8.50 Collaborative Workspaces and the New UI
This provides an overview of PeopleTools 8.50 Collaborative Workspaces and the new User Interface.
PeopleTools 8.50 UI Features
This an overview of the PeopleTools 8.50 new user interface. Showing examples of favorites, partial page refresh, modal window, new grid features and the related information frame.
Collaborative Workspaces with SCM 9.0
Showing collaboration in a PeopleSoft SCM 9.0 application taking advantage of the upgrade to PeopleTools 8.50.