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Berkeley DB XML 2.3 Release Notes

2.3.10, Last Updated Jan 30, 2007

These release notes contain:

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Berkeley DB XML is a native XML database. Berkeley DB XML is a library that provides access into a database of document containers using XQuery. XML documents are stored and indexed in their native format using Berkeley DB as the transactional database engine. Berkeley DB XML is not a client/server database management system; it is a library linked into your application. There is no client server network overhead nor the need for a DBA.

BDB XML's capabilities and features are described in the Getting Started with Berkeley DB XML guide. That document also introduces the BDB XML API set. New users should read Introduction to Berkeley DB XML, which provides a good guided tour of the product.

The Release Notes document contains a high level overview of new features in this release, as well as a list of known common issues associated with installing, building, and running Berkeley DB XML. It is intended as both a trouble avoidance and troubleshooting guide, and should be read before building BDB XML and its dependent libraries. It is updated regularly, and may contain new information that is not in either the product documentation or FAQ.

New in this Release

This is the 2.3.10 release of Berkeley DB XML.

For information on what is new and/or changed in this release, see the Change log.

For information migrating from BDB XML 2.2.13 or an earlier release to 2.3, see the Migrating to 2.3 section of the BDB XML Reference Guide.

Notable new and/or changed features from 2.2.13 include:
  • Support for the W3C Recommendations for XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0
  • Push and Pull content event interfaces for better application integration
  • More efficient node storage format for querying
  • General performance enhancements


  • Packaging

    The download package for Release 2.3 of BDB XML includes those versions of the supporting libraries that are required. The top level build scripts will build Berkeley DB XML and all of the dependent libraries. This makes the download package larger, but provides one-stop shopping for the BDB XML application developer. You can override the versions of Berkeley DB and Xerces that are used. However, be aware that those substitutions have not been tested.

  • Supporting library revisions

    Release 2.3 of BDB XML requires these versions of supporting libraries:

    • Xerces-C release 2.7 or higher. BDB XML bundles 2.7 and has been tested with that version.
    • Berkeley DB release 4.3.27 or higher, is required. BDB XML bundles 4.5.20, and has been tested with that version.
    • BDB XML includes a new library, XQilla, which implements both XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0. At the time of this writing, it is not available from other sources; however, that may change.

    It is not recommended that binary releases of supporting libraries be used, except for those provided directly by Oracle. It is possible that other combinations of libraries will work; however, they are not tested.

  • Windows Build, Visual Studio .NET, and supporting libraries

    BDB XML ships both versions 6 and 7.1 of Microsoft Visual Studio project, workspace and solutions files. There is a new workspace/solution file, in dbxml/build_windows/BDBXML_all.{dsw,sln} that builds all dependent libraries, as well as BDB XML. There may be some warnings in the build in products that are not under direct Sleepycat control. For tested releases of these libraries, those warnings can be safely ignored. By default, only the C++ API, along with C++ examples are built by BDBXML_all.

    If you wish to build with Visual Studio 2005, open the BDBXML_all.sln file, and allow Visual Studio to convert all project files to the new format.

Known issues

None at this time.

UNIX issues

  • Some platforms may require explicit linking with libraries such as pthreads. If you suspect such a link failure, it may be helpful to run with extra environment flags. For example, "env LIBSO_LIBS=-lpthread ./ ..." will add -lpthread to the library link line for BDB XML.
  • There are build warnings in third-party libraries that are beyond the control of BDB XML. For supported and tested configurations, these can be safely ignored.
  • The Unix archive, dbxml-2.3.10.tar.gz, requires a POSIX-compliant tar program that supports long file names during archive extraction. The Gnu tar program will work. If you have difficulty extracting this archive, you may need to get a Gnu tar distribution, or try using the .zip archive. This problem has been seen on Solaris and older versions of HP-UX and AIX.

Windows issues

  • There are build warnings in third-party libraries that are beyond the control of BDB XML. For supported and tested configurations, these can be safely ignored.
  • If building using Visual Studio 2005, and parallel project builds are enabled (see Tools->options->Projects and Solutions->Build and Run), you may see link failures for the dbxml_example_* projects. This is because they do not have dependencies on the dbxml library, and they should. If you rebuild these projects, it will succeed. Other options include turning off parallel builds or adding the dependency to the project files.
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