Appendix A. Berkeley DB XML Changelogs

This appendix contains the Berkeley DB XML changelogs for both the current release and all historical releases.

Berkeley DB XML 6.1 Change Log

Release 6.1 is primarily a bug fix and maintenance release. Including:

  1. Reliability: Fixed many bugs, and enhanced product stability.

  2. Maintenance: Updated Berkeley DB XML to work with the latest supported languages, compilers, and dependent libraries.

Berkeley DB XML 6.1.4 Change Log

Upgrade Requirements

The 6.0.18 environment will have to be deleted when upgrading to 6.1. This means deleting the files of the form __db.### (such as __db.001) in the environment directory. Then re-create the environment in 6.1 using the same configurations (such as transaction enabled).

New Features

  1. Added support for Berkeley DB 6.2.23, with additional string overflow bug fixes.[#24987]

  2. Added support for XQilla 2.3.3, with additional string overflow bug fixes.[#24987]

  3. Added support for Xerces-C 3.1.4.[#24987]

  4. Upgraded the zlib library on Windows to 1.2.11.[#24987]

API Changes

  1. Added XmlDocument::getContainerName(), which returns the name of the XmlContainer in which the document is stored, or "" if the document does not have a container.[#25480].

Changes That May Require Application Modification

  1. None.

General Functionality Changes

  1. Fixed an indexing bug that could result in attribute nodes being deleted from the index when they still exist in the document. [#24543]

  2. Fixed a possible NULL pointer crash in HighResTimer.cpp. [#24793]

  3. Fixed a replication bug that could cause new containers to fail to replicate properly from the master to the client. [#24786]

Utility Changes

  1. None.

Java-specific Functionality Changes

  1. None.

Python-specific Functionality Changes

  1. None.

Perl-specific Functionality Changes

  1. None.

PHP-specific Functionality Changes

  1. None

Example Code Changes

  1. None.

Configuration, Documentation, Portability and Build Changes

  1. Removed support for Visual Studio 2005. [#24987].

  2. Added projects for Visual Studio 2012. [#24987].

  3. Muted several meaningless build warnings in Visual Studio 2015. [#24987].

Known Bugs

  1. [#25283] As of Active Perl version 5.18, the Windows Perl XML API is no longer supported. Active Perl 5.16 and earlier are still supported on Windows, and the current versions of Active Perl are supported on non-Windows systems.